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Dianna Sumlin,LCSW,MPC





Advocating for and serving our people one step at a time.

D.S. Therapy, Mentoring & Consulting, LLC was born from wanting to bring quality therapeutic mental health services to my own community and those alike. I wanted to bring about positive changes and new direction in areas that have always been seen as taboo, such as receiving therapy. Growing up, I was always taught to only go to God in prayer and that seeking therapy was “white” thing. I knew growing up there was a need for more. Thus, a private practice with grass roots based ideals was born.

At D.S. Therapy, we provide quality therapeutic and consulting services to youth and adults from all walks of life which include but are not limited to; athletes, teams (both amateur and professional), families, couples and individuals. In addition, D. S. Therapy is the home of Always Enough Mentoring, a grass roots youth mentoring program that services adolescents and teens ages 10-19 from various backgrounds; targeting LGBT, African American, runaways and other high risk youth. Through community engagement, education, and mentored guidance we hope to remind every one that they are Always Enough.




Ft. Lauderdale, Florida


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Let us create the change we want to see in our lives together
— Dianna Sumlin


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